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We specialize in Wellness, a concept we inform with the Hebrew term SHALOM. Literally translated, shalom denotes a state of safety, but figuratively; shalom points to completeness. Scripturally, shalom describes a movement towards fullness, and specifically, the process of entering harmony with the peace of God. Realize shalom in your being – throughout your body, mind and soul.

Calendar of Events

Life Groups meet twice a month mid week at 6:30 pm. Call for details and location.

Retreat Weekend Oct 31 - Nov 1st: Pastor Cheryl Smith and Dr Kim host at the Retreat Center Friday 5:30 pm through Sunday 8 am. Click here for more information. Click here for Pastor Cheryl Smith's bio and class info.

For more information on these events contact us at or call the Center at (908) 782-5288.

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