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Wellness 101 Events

Wellness 101 sessions are exciting events at the Center. Wellness 101 is an opportunity for you to experience top of the line wellness product samples and therapies while you meet and greet professionals in the wellness, health and beauty industries.

Is It Time to Turn the Question – “If Only?” Into Reality?

If only you were able to uncover and tap into your unique passion, gifts, talents and abilities?

If only you could inspire people to do more than they normally would do on their own?

If only you knew that the results would be personal, extraordinary and sustainable?

Everyone has dreams. Everyone has potential, plans and desires. Not everyone takes action to reach their potential, live their dreams, and live as they desire and choose to. In fact, most people want to live differently; but they don’t know how to effect the change they’d like to see. Are you ready to ignite your life and the lives of others with whom you live and work?

Our one on one life coaching track and coaching classes can help you get beyond the “if only” and turn it into reality!

Welcome to the Life Connections Coaching Track! For more information call the center at 908 782 5288 or email us to connect with a life coach.

Check out our coaching class schedule on Schedulicity and make an appointment today!

Life Coaching by appointment to suit your busy schedule!

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