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Life Groups

At Life Connections Wellness Center we realize that healthy relationships enhance overall Wellness.

We invite you to find interpersonal support and realize enhanced connection by attending our Life Group. With a strong emphasis on emotional sustainment and spiritual growth, the Life Group fosters a warm environment where you can share your story or simply network with like-minded souls.

We meet weekly at Revelation Farms. Located in Kingwood NJ, the group meets Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm. Please contact us for directions at (908) 782-5288.

Life Groups meet Wednesdays at 6:30pm

You can expect an ordinary meeting to begin with fellowship. After mingling, we begin a time of song. This time is meant to help us focus on the person of Jesus Christ, our Creator – and the author of our complex emotional frameworks. Among the benefits of the Life Group is the perspective we gain from participating within a group representing diverse personalities, needs, and experiences. We have a time of study, or perhaps a movie, some group sharing, followed by snacks and chitchat. Life Groups are not a club or a meet up group for social networking or business ventures. We have plenty of that in the world! They are designed with you in mind. Your personal shalom is possible; just ask the Life Group attendees who have experienced changed lives! Experience the love of the Creator!

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